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Ecosport jacking points

Hi .
New owner here,happy with the ecosport with 1000 miles approaching soon.
My question is about jacking points on this car.
On my plastic trim there are arrows pointing downwords towards the correct points of lifting.
The arrows pointing downwards on the front virtually match where the plastic trim is cut away to allow the cup of the jack to sit.
I'm assuming the cut away part is for this reason?
It's just on the arrows on the back don't correspond to the cut away part on the plastic?
Looking in the manual isn't very clear.
Anybody have an idea where the points exactly are?
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Correct with the arrows, you may just have to go further under the body to reach the point, get your head under and you will see the right lip for it

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But if the arrows don't line up with the cutaway does that not just mean you risk damaging the trim?
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Wonder if the arrows dont line up properly... need to check it now...

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"where the plastic trim is cut away to allow the cup of the jack to sit."

That is the answer, you do not lift the car on the plastic trim.

Important Note, if you do have the one legged jack (real bad design) throw it away, and buy a 2 ton scissor jack (a decent strong well built one 16 to 25) from a cars spares shop.

Reason, the one legged jack design on most cars has a crap plastic pivot joint and can buckle off to one side if car slips, resulting in jack failure and collapse. Been there and done that, on another make of SUV. Its a nasty experience.

I now carry 2 ton scissors jack, and also carry two triangular wedges to prevent slippage. (Costs a fiver in Halfords, metal or plastic type, wedge under diagonally opposite wheels, that are not being jacked).

I now carry the scissor jack, along with brace, and two metal wedges. I keep them in a bag, suitably strapped in the boot.

If working underneath the car, use scissors jack, and alway use extra support for safety, either tripod metal support jacks, or large wood blocks, or use a workshop hydraulic arm jack as well as. The more the better. Safety is paramount.

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Jacking points

I have a similar problem my '68 reg ST Line has a plastic trim but the cutaway has been filled in with a perfectly shaped piece which is obviously not meant to be removed, really would like to know where to put the jack? Any working Ford mechanics on this forum?
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