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What On-Board Diagnostic (ODB) app/hardware combo are you using?

Hello everyone,,
I've been using Torque Lite and a generic scanner for years, but now that more and more options have become available, I'm curious to hear from those who use Carista, Hum, ODBLink, etc.

Short answer is yes unless you get one specifically made for permanent installation[1], BUT quite a few ODB devices drain so little power you would have to worry only if you are leaving your car parked for a month.

The various ELM237 specifically have been mentioned by several parties to draw very little power when the car is off, and my personal experience with it is that it's no issue at all leaving it in for the night or a couple of days.

Edit:guys i found a site near me and it does free shipping too!! https://ljmcardiagnostics.co.uk/
Thanks you!
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What I have against cars nowadays is this total control by a car computer, even down to the lights and the cars digital clock LOL.

This can lead to stupid problems like my wifes new Smart Car where the clock changes time after the car has not been used for two or three days. Hence the time is always wrong. So this leads us to conclude that a car clock no longer has an internal works, where you can just take the clock out and throw it away and get another to replace it for a few quid.

Now, the problem is in the cars clock display which is tied into the computer, resulting in me saying stuff it, I will just live without the clock working right, rather than get these garage muppets to dismantle the dash or mess around with car updates and playing around with code, and end up with more electronic problems. Her car does have another digital clock on the radio that is correct, so we will just live with that

This brings us to the DIYers who are into code and buy these OBII diagnostics to mess around with the car computer software. Well that OK if you are out of warranty, but if you do mess with the software and Ford find out while under warranty, then your warranty is void.

I just wish for the old days where there were no computers in cars. As they say at Christmas 'Bah humbug'
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