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SYNC 1 USB update issue - File not found.

I have an Ecosport 66 plate with the SYNC1 system software and have been online to download the latest Ford update software version. But after downloading it to a USB Stick no matter what I do it fails to update. I have edited the text files, tried to reformat the stick in ex-FAT as well as FAT32 and tried all sorts from other online forums such as PistonHeads but still no joy. The error is 'File not found'. I will try again tonight to edit the .txt files again and maybe copy the same format as my Ford Kuga SYNC3 files as this worked fine twice now with no issues. There must be an error in Fords download for this SYNC model update! Anyone else has this issue with the od style Ecosport?
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Sync one on the earlier ES is utter shite can't download owt on them, that's why Ford changed everything on the later Ecosports they were embarrassed with the first ones, No DAB in them neither 😟
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I had the pre-facelift Ecosport from 2016 to 2019 and did no updates and the car ran fine. I have no intentions of putting updates on my latest 2019 Ecosport, and I would want to know if the service department put updates in, what they are actually for. Are they actually really needed?

I have read some disaster stories of some makes of cars getting updates and had loads of software faults or changes they did not want. If the car is running fine, why update? that's what I say.

A good example is my Wife's 453 Smart car, she has a low spec car that comes with a FM standard radio, but others have bought the higher trim that comes with a DAB display screen with sat nav, and going by one of the Smart car forums, the last update removed all speed camera warnings on the sat nav, because these warnings are now illegal in France and Germany, and you get a fine if you use speed camera warnings, but not the UK. But the update covered all Europe, so UK owners are furious losing this function and cannot get it back.
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I have now given up! No matter what i do i get the error of installation file not found. Can’t be bothered to keep trying all the file modification any more.
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I have a Motability car and they state that when the vehicle is returned at the end of the contract, everything must be as factory fitted. I tried the Ford 'help?' to update the sat nav with the negative result.
When in for the previous service I asked if the dealer would do it. TWO hours and a charge. The car is still only 2 yrs old. So I just forgot about it.
After the last unpleasant experience with a service at the end of May I decided to write to Fords and ask if indeed a Dealer could charge. I am sorry to say the answer was very evasive and kept refering me to the website.
So, I shall contact Motability at the end of the year and ask what they mean by factory setting because when I first collected the car, new the sat nav was out of date!. II do not cope well with computers but I really do not understand why the update is so complicated.
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I managed to resolve this in the end at the dealers - luckily it was one week within the 3 year warranty so they updated it for free! Keep checking for any more updates online but not yet available...just says up-to-date. Oh well.
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Came across this on good old Google: ' Ford Sync 3 Update Dairy of an ADI ' might bring a smile to those frustrated amongst you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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