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Question Roof Box Tent and Roof Rack


I am new to the forum and was looking for advice. I recently purchased an Ecosport back in May and have been loving it for camping and stuff. I recently seen a tent box for on the roof that I wanted to purchase - but then noticed in the user manual, the existing roof rack only allowes up to 40kg load - or if it the actual roof itself that only allows 40kg? Sorry if I am being dense but these roof tent boxes can apparently be installed on any type of car and I don't want to believe that the Ecosport can only handle 40kg in total on the roof.

If someone clarify this for me and also if anyone has changed the factory fitted roof bars to another brand that will allow 70kg+ load, can you let me know any websites etc I can visit this would be greatly appreciated.
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UK manufacturer Tent box, do hard shell version at 70kg and soft shell version at 50kg.
See technical section of this website...
These are above 40kg weight.

Maybe instead you are considering a lighter tentbox by another manufacturer? Is there one at 40kg?

Max weight on roof bars for Ecosport is 40kg according to many websites, but that is the weight for active movement of roof load while moving on the road.

As for when you are at a camping site and the car is stationary, the tent box and 2 adult occupants is say 40kg + around 55Kg + around 55 kg = 150kg downwards force only. You can accept a higher loading more than 40kg as it is a static load downwards. Not sure what the figures are though for an Ecosport.

Your best bet is phone or email the tent box company for information or to join the Facebook tentbox community, ask the question about the Ecosport and get better answers there...

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If Colin's info doesn't settle your question then another place for settling a technical query is Ford themselves. I had a question over tyre pressures and contacted the 'Ford Technical Information Centre' They were very helpful and if they don't know no one will.
They have a phone number BUT it is a Ł1 a minute.0906 5533447 or you can write as I did and I got an answer within a couple of days. Ford Technical Information Centre PO Box 12060 Colchester. CO1 9PF unfortunately there is no Email contact.
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I'v been hunting through all the manufacturers of tent boxes available in the UK and most are 50kg or higher. I have not found one at 40kg, as per the Ecosport specification. Did you have better luck finding one Mdubs1985?

PS.....A might be possible to lighten a 50kg tent box, by removing some of the interior fittings like the mattress, and the foldable ladder, and put those inside the car when travelling, bringing it down to the 40kg weight. A check with manufactures would let you know if that is possible.
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