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Question Permanently see what gear you're in? (semi-automatic)

I have a Ford EcoSport (2019, semi-automatic).

On my previous Peugeot 308 (2012, semi-automatic), the display always showed what gear I was in.

With the EcoSport, it only appears if I manually change gear using the flappy paddles and even then, it goes away again when the car automatically changes gear (which is far too often - my Peugeot let me rev quite high before it forced a gear change).

Any ideas?

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Actually the 2018 so presume 2019 the same, is a fully auto box. Digressing we thought of a Peugeot but having had the Honda with it's semi auto the Peugeot was ruled out. I did check with Fords that it was a fully auto box as I did not want the alternative.
If you leave it in drive it will change up and down as it wishes. In fact we have just returned home and I counted the changes accelerating up to 60mph and it went through all 6 gears widely spaced. In fact it only went into 6th at about 50. That was with gentle acceleration. If you floor it then it will go. If you use the flappy paddles in D the box will not hang onto the gears and will change as it wishes. Put it into S and use the flappy paddles it will hang onto the gears. I read in the book that in flappy paddle mode gear changes will occur if the top end revs are met. When I experimented with S and flappy paddles it seemed that I had to change gear as it nearly went into the red and hadn't changed gear. If you try and drop a gear and the revs are too high it will block the change. As you say the indication doesn't stay in the read out for very long.
The book may explain it better. All I know for a tiddler engine, Sport mode and a heavy foot it is quite quick!!!!!!
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Hi King Mustard. I assume that your car can go in full auto mode or semi auto mode. I bought a manual Ecosport, as I am not keen on modern automatics.

Unfortunately as car electronics have taken over automatic boxes, they do not seem to display what owners want, and you would think having the gear displayed continuous would be an obvious need, but no, the car software designers have their own ideas on what you should have.

The gear display data will be in the computer all the time, but getting access to that data will be difficult.

On my wifes previous automatic Smart car it would display the gears in manual mode in real time, but when on auto it would display only 'A'. It was crazy trying to figure out which gear the car was changing into, and it was by ear sound only.

I bought a OBII device about 8 years ago that displayed engine measurements on a small 3 inch monitor, including what gear you are in and she was happy. All it took was to connect the device to the OBII diagnostic socket, and it gave measurements in real time. She has since bought another smart car, but a manual box version instead.

Now the modern equivalent of the small monitor, is an app that you can plug a dongle device into the OBII socket, and it sends real time measurements wireless-ly into your smart phone via an app. You can set up the screen on your phone to give you the figures that you want displayed, ie, hopefully gear value in real time.

You would have to check by phone or email if it is suitable for Ford Ecosport, and see if it gives the real time 'what gear you are in' information, as that is what you want. Here is one manufacturer of such an app, but there are others on the internet, and you would have to check with them that it displays real time gear figure.

Its seems rather long winded way and likely costly to show gear value, but unfortunately when it comes to getting software information out of the car, it ain't easy.

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