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Question Possible for EcoSport to remember speed limiter setting?

My previous car, a Peugeot 308 (2012), remembered my speed limiter speed that was last used each time I turned the car on, meaning I only have to press a button to enable the limiter and it be set to that speed.

With my Ford EcoSport (2019), it wipes the speed each time I turn the car off; meaning I have to press and hold the speed adjuster for a while until it reaches 50 or 70 before my work commute every morning (and evening, to come home) (takes about 5 seconds each time - just gets annoying each time).

Is there a way to make it remember the setting?
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Don't think so. I have not found a way to save settings.
Some makes of car do what you previous car did and remember the settings, others do not.

The reason behind some makes of cars not allowing the settings to be saved after a journey, is due to safety reasons.

Consider this...
1...You may have forgot what the setting were when you switch the car on the next day.
(Maybe you stick to the same speed restriction setting each day, so you remember, other drivers may not)
2....Another driver (relative, friend, etc) has no idea what the settings are set to the next day or next journey.

Hence why settings are reset back to zero when engine is turned off, and ready for next journey.

PS...It is no big problem to set cruise control or limiter each journey, as its only a few buttons and 5 seconds, as you say.

Some things we have to live with the annoyance of modern cars that we do not like, and in my case that's start stop technology and tyre pressure monitoring, both a waste of space
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Being a dumbcluck over the computer and other bits, I wonder if this is what is being asked.
We have a 2018 Titanium keyless start. It came with Two keys. One key I use and the other my Wife has in her handbag.
My Key does not shout at me, it does not keep on about driving safely and that I have exceeded 40mph.etc etc.

Her Key does just this and so I have marked my key so I don't pick hers up by mistake. Both keys are kept in a Faraday cage type when not in use so hers does not over ride mine when both keys are in the car.

Is this what King Mustard is talking about? In the handbook it shows how to program the key under My Key. As I admit I do not understand the technology but perhaps King Mustard can program his key to do what he wants.
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