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Hill assist

Hi new member alert, does a titanium xpac 2015 have hill assist?
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Hi and welcome

I do not know if you have it, but all you have to do is drive to a hill, make sure handbrake is still off, and hold the foot brake with clutch in, (disconnected clutch), make sure no-one is behind you, release the foot brake and two seconds later the car will roll back down the hill, ie, there is a delay of around two seconds. Then this proves you do have hill assist due to the delay.

The delay is to give you enough time to get to the accelerator pedal and drive way without rolling back , so no need for handbrake.

If you released the foot brake and you instantly roll back, then you do not have hill assist.
Note this is based on a manual box with clutch, I have only had manual boxes, I do not know about autobox Ecosports, if they roll back or not just due to the design.
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2018 Titanium Auto definitely has hill assist. I find it excellent. I have read that with an auto box when stopped at traffic lights etc unless the holdup will be a while DO NOT select neutral, leave it in drive with the engine ticking over. This of course means you can take your foot off the brake and have time to use the accelerator. The Ford will actually move backwards if you try and hold it on the torque convertor at tick over, as some autos will. Problem is at night when its not very freindly to the chap behind as the brake lights can be a bit bright..
I add that the Ford system is better than the old Rover and far better than the Honda systems.
As Colin suggests try it.
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Originally Posted by freddyford View Post
... Problem is at night when its not very friendly to the chap behind as the brake lights can be a bit bright...
Hi Freddy, since the third brake light came into existence on cars, I have been guilty of keeping all brake lights on when stationary at traffic lights, and I do not give a monkeys about the driver behind me getting blinded.

My reasoning is that there are so many distractions inside the cabin of a car nowadays, that when i am stationary
i do want the driver behind to get the best warning that i am stopped.

Up here in Scotland, we all do it, keeping our foot on the brake, I would say more than 90% do it now.
Its ok with most cars you do not get too blinded by glare, though some do have full width of car brake lights like the Audi TT, and they do blind you, so you have to look to the right or left, if behind one at the lights, to avoid the glare.

I have had to many close calls at being rammed up the back, even had one dosy swine in a car not realising to the last second I was stopped, and managed to swerve lanes and shoot past me to a screeching stop, that was a 'change of pants needed' day

So now I stick with all brake lights on when stopped.
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I was trying to negate the moaners. I too beleive in making sure the rear is well lit up. There appear to be many 'dozey' people on the road and it surprises me just how when the driving test is supposedly tougher, many driver seem to be in la la land. Concentration is so important and I have to admit 'rarely' that I do have my moments. I was fortunate in that I was taught at the expense of the Home Office and some of it sticks?????? after many years.
Unfortunately it does appear that as the years roll on common sense gets rarer.

As an aside I followed a Citroen the other day with bright sunlight coming towards me and I was horrifed that I missed his turn signal. Fortunately the 2 second rule prevailed and apart from a less than sedate braking no harm. What did surprise me was just how stupidly small the rear turn indicator was. Peugeot and Audi are among the bad ones but the Citroen was not far behind them.
Why do manufacturers relinquish sense in the quest for lines, surely an indicator can be moulded to any size.
Sorry the moany old fool is off again.
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