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Interesting comment by colinJYD about customer feedback as yesterday, through the post came a customer survey. It might be this is normal but as I have only had the Ecosport for a little over two months I thought a bit quick. Perhaps they thought get it in quick before the faults start appearing. Surprisingly the survey hails from Germany.

Seriously, I have found the Ecosport quite a reasonable vehicle. When you shut the door it has a nice solid feel, the finish is pretty good and all in all apart from the fuel consumption which does appear to be improving as the mileage goes up, a good honest vehicle.
My last car being a Honda, I thought the Ford would fail in finish etc but in fairness I would say the Ford compares well with the Honda. Of course not everything is perfect but no car ever will be. In the 70's and 80's my force was buying all sorts and the Sierra was a well built car, solid and reliable, the Montego's of BL and the Vauxhalls not so in fact the BL cars were tinny and unreliable. This is the first Ford I have driven since the Sierra and Ford have continued the solid feel of their cars.
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