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Ecosport 1 litre chip to give 38bhp more

Being an old duffer with a suspect memory, I am sure a member wanted to increase his bhp by chipping his 1 litre Ecosport. Poking about came across this link on another site posted by an Indian subscriber who was bemoaning the fact it was not available to him:
I have tried the link and it works.

The claim is an extra 38bhp and 73 nm torque
cost is £365 including vat and fitting but warns of possible regional variations. Sincerely hope this is of interest to some.
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The major concern nowadays in the UK is that performance modifications will increase the cost of your car insurance, and if modifications not told to the insurer would make your insurance invalid, if found out.

Sorry to put a dampener on things.

Better to stick to the 'go faster stripes' and furry dice mods
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It won't put a damper on me. It was just I am sure a Forum member was looking for a chipping service. Yes, most people do not realise the folly of doing anything to their car without either consulting their Insurers before or telling them afterwards. ( I would ALWAYS recommend the former) People are so cavalier about modifications and not telling their insurers. Whilst we all love to hate our insurance company, it is only fair to remember they are dealing in the risk business and some of their customers are a stonking great risk.
On my hobby horse but I think the general public should be made to see the results of say a drink drive accident or a souped up car collision where it has all the go faster stuff stuck on without worrying about the suspension and brakes.
Many years ago Ford produced an Escort Mexico. Outside it looked the same as a standard Escort apart from all the dressing BUT I have it on good information that the welds per inch were greater thus increasing strength. Now days manufacturers I believe tend to build all the same, but brakes and suspension tend to be modified to allow for the extra umph. Me I am old duffer now and so my biggest worry is to remain alert and watch out for the boy racers.
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There is currently a discount on Superchips Bluefin for the Ecosport TDCI - £319.99 + P&P! I may be tempted as have already successfully fitted one to my other car a 2019 Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecoboost to 200bhp. See below link:
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