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Little noise when over bumps.

Hi, I noticed when go over the odd bumps in the road, I get a slight knocking sound from drivers side at front. It is on the offside front. That is the wheel that catches the odd holes. Is it just normal, ie shocker due to bumps?

Also on the interior mirror, at top of mirror, is some small vertical lines. Anybody know what these are?
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You will get a thump or knock if its a severe bump or pothole you hit as the suspension is hitting the top rubber mount.

For smaller bumps and potholes...
In newer cars it could be that something in the suspension has slackened off...most unusual, but can happen.
If this is happening in most bumps, get it checked out under warranty. Suspension is a safety issue.

In older cars.... If you hear a clunk or thump when the suspension works over bumps, the probable cause is excessive clearance in a joint due to wear. It might be as simple as a loose strut gland nut, or something more subtle such as a shrunken, dried-out rubber bushing.
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Hi Colin. Ford are ordering me a new rear reverse light under warranty, as notice the lens cracked, and about half inch of water in it. So waiting for that, in fact will ring them tomorrow as it nearly a week since the looked at my car. How long does it take to get a **** light in!! Will mention it to them, regarding suspension, as only had the car 2 weeks on Mon. So they can check it out, and have a look, as a safety issue. If they don't do it, then will be onto trading standards. These main dealers think they can do what they want and get away with it.
Thank you for your information.
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Not knowing which year your Ecosport is but there is a safety recall on some models. If you haven't already done so look on 'Safety Recall' there Colin has kindly listed them.
Given the parlance state of the roads I suspect even a 'Roller' would transmit some knock caused by a gurt big hole in the road.
As to time taken to get spares this seems to be a constant complaint. This just in time rubbish is the cause no doubt as the lorry arriving at dock no 2!!!!!! has the bits to finish the cars sitting on the production line and so no spares for those already sold.. However Fords announcing that they might pull out if Brexit goes down the pan will not help with anything. Sad that Fords had a massive empire in the UK and now its all but gone.
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Hi Freddyford. My Eco is a 2015 model. I got to give Ford a ring Mon to see if they got my replacement light yet, so when it goes in for that, will ask about suspension. Seems they not very forthcoming when getting parts in for you.
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Bumps from uneven road /potholes

Hi, Bobbyecosport my 2014 ecosport made a lot of noise and bumps , had it back to garage several times before they finally said the only thing they could find was VERY slight wear of the Anti-roll bar,( not enough to cause a problem they said )
I persisted and garage eventually agreed to change the anti-roll bar under warranty as I had only had the vehicle several months and had started complaining after 3 weeks.
The difference was amazing, so it may well be that ,that is causing your problem
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If you live in an area that is prolific with speed bumps they are an established suspension killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were told that they were to be reduced. What did Cornwall do put more in.
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