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rattling noise in the car

hello guys, I bought a second-hand ford ecosport 1.5 titanium powershift automatic on a few days back and it is 2017 model. I hearing a small rattling noise while accelerating slowly and it is going away. Is that a common thing or anything I should be aware of. I am also planning to show that to the ford service center and finger crossed.
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Also, the mileage is too low now, I am getting 27 AVG MPG with an avg speed of 18 MPH. There is no heavy traffic on the road, it is always clear but due to 30MPH and 40 MPH speed limit, I am driving slow
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Is the rattling noise a mechanical transmission noise or just a body noise?
Cant help you with automatic as I have manual box.

As for fuel consumption:
I get around 42 MPG in my 1.5 petrol manual box 2016 Ecosport
If its the 1.5 Diesel you should get more.

Allowing for automatic would drop the MPH by 2 MPH.
With A/C on should drop MPH by another 2 MPH.

Sounds like you are not getting good fuel consumption.
Change the air filter to get better air/fuel mix.
Replace with new fuel filter.
Change spark plugs if petrol version.
Get the air/fuel mix checked, ensure all spark plugs firing ok, checked over by mechanic.
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I would strongly suggest you go back to who ever you bought the car from. The Powershift has had it's problems it is important that you get it sorted ASAP and if my knowledge is correct it is not a proper auto box. It is like our old Honda whereby it has electronic clutches ( I think there are two) and a basically manual gearbox although you only have two pedals. As to the consumption, that is poor. We have a 2018 Titanium with a normal auto box and torque convertor. All proper auto boxes even today are thirsty due to the slip of the torque convertor. We get around 37 miles per gallon from the little tiddler of a 1 ltre with very mixed driving.

If you have any problems and are in the AA or RAC then shout. Sorry to be a Jobs comforter. Good luck
What colin YPD says is good sense but if you bought the car from a dealer this should have all been done. It is a sorry fact that even big main dealers will try and get away with matters.
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Hi Thanks for the quick reply,

I have informed the dealer whom I have bought the car also booked an appointment with Ford showroom. I am observing less power for the vehicle and overall really unsatisfied. The tin metal like rattling noise is getting while accelerating from a slow speed and prevalent while taking the curves as well. The sound goes away for a short time and recurs. I have tried to get the nearest date for checking this with ford service but I got it for next month 3rd. Plese, let me know if I have any other option to diagnose this!!.
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