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Electric cars

We are being pushed into getting rid of the fossil fuel engine and using electricity to power our cars. Well there is considerable discussion about the generation of that electricity. My Brother in Canada has sent me a piece from the USA on re newables.

Building ONE turbine uses 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45tons of plastic. I electric car battery weighs about 1000lbs and to produce that battery involves the digging up. fabrication,moving and processing 500,000 tons of raw material. A Wind or Solar farm stretching to the horizon can be replaced by a handful of gas turbines no bigger than a tractor and trailer.
The Democratic Republic of Congo produces 70% of the worlds Cobalt, China controls 90% of the refined Cobalt.
I have recently read a book in which it claims China controls the Democratic Republic of Congo's mines. That is not proved.
More than 90% of the worlds solar panels are built in Asia on coal heavy grids.
Yes, the experts claiming global warming requires us to get greener and rid ourselves of fossil fuels BUT at what cost.
I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures BUT several years back I learned that electricity production is a very poor return on the input ( fossil fuels) about 30% BUT then the alternative is just as polluting and expensive in regards to the environment. I understand that concrete is extremely polluting and certainly plastic is the villain of the times. Food for thought!
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Everyone driving in Electric cars is a while away yet.

At present 'range worry' is the biggest problem in electric cars, it might be good as a city car, but any far travel requires planing, to avoid steep hills, find the next public electrical charging point, and even having to do energy management by load shedding, switching off heaters, A/C, wipers and lights, to save on power to get to your destination without coming to a dead stop. It would do my head in.

Another big factor is that an electric car is around 30% dear than the equivalent fueled car.

As you say Freddy, they are trying to force us into electric cars eventually as its 'great for the environment' and 'saving the planet', but is it really? re: your comments on materials needed for electric cars, and the fact that polution is just removed to the power station.
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