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Red face Suspension soften!

Please help me I have a 2016 Titanium Ecosport 17" wheels automatic 1.5L petrol, I really enjoy it but find the suspension very hard, What can I do about it, Wheels, Softer struts etc?
Thanks for your time
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The factory fitted suspension has been specifically designed for best handling of the Ecosport.
To change that will affect the handling to a degree. I personally would keep as is, as excess body roll could be dangerous.

Springs and shock absorbers change suspension, so you need to find out which ones to buy, which will make the suspension softer.

Ecosport suspension...
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In late September 2019, I wrote to Ford Technical over this very matter. We had visitors and I increased the tyre pressures as per book for 4 adults. Not only did it handle like a pig it was extremely uncomfortable. Even with the recommended pressures for 2 persons I found it a little harsh.
Their reply was: 30lb Front and 30lbs Rear. up to 3 Adults. Full load 35lbs Front and 40lbs Rear. Quite honestly I will leave them as per normal if I carry 4 adults.
I have run the car with these pressures since then and quite honestly I have not noticed any peculiar wear occuring.
The ride is certainly an improvement. They did add that 'We are investigating internally as the owners handbook appears to be incorrect'
Our Ecosport is a Titanium Auto with the 1 litre engine but I should think it would apply to your vehicle too.

Its worth a try, after all it is a cheap fix if it helps, as Colin says start messing around with suspension and one is heading for problems. After all they only put stiffer suspension on a vehicle to make it go around a race track quicker.
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As an addendum to this, in late May the car was serviced. It was a stonking hot day and the dealer is 30 miles away. I collected the car after a very unpsetting 3 hrs wait and as the journey progressed the vehicle became rougher, noisier and was vibrating. By the time I got home with a stinking headache I was all for getting the dealer to collect the car and sort it out. After a couple of hours and I had calmed down I remembered the tyre pressure problem. So I checked the pressures. The tyres had cooled by this time and the pressures were 37lbs Front and 36lbs Rear. Bearing in mind the increase in pressures as the tyres get hotter I suspect by the time I arrived home they were well into the low 40's. The dealer denied it all and claimed they had set the pressures as per the door shut plate. I decreased the pressures to what Ford had told me and the vehicle was back to normal.
This could have been very upsetting to a Lady of my years without mechanical knowledge and also a tad dangerous had the roads been wet.
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