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Its done it again, so if I am repeating my self I am sorry.
Pulling to the left is a MOT failure. You said suspension parts have been replaced. On the N/S even kerbing can damage a bearing.
I will try and see if this gets posted
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I do not know what is happening to the website today Freddy. I was posting and only got about half a minute to edit til the post locked down (you usually get a few minutes to edit). so I had to do another post to continue the subject of locked petolcaps.

The site must just be acting up today
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Right to continue. If a bearing gives a false reading to the sensor then you could get symptoms that you have. It failed? on a previous MOT do you know who owned the car at the time ( V5) should tell you. Ask them if it was involved in an accident.You say suspension parts have been replaced, was this on the N/S

Try the garage one more time mentioning the bearings and false signals to the sensor, they could check this fairly simply. Are all of the lights coming on when you switch on initially as sometimes, dodgy firms remove the bulb. Look up where the ABS light is on the dashboard and watch it if it comes on, it should go out quickly, if there is no light then you have a leverage over the company.

If they refuse, are you a member of the RAC or AA? Did you buy the car from a Ford Dealer, if so and they refuse to help, try Fords. Do you have a friendly local garage? If you do ask them to do a brake test on the rolling road. DO NOT HAVE a MOT done because if it fails and it seems it will, then the result goes straight to the DOT and supersedes your current one. They might charge a few quid for this.

Contact the Citizens Advice and consider rejecting the car as unfit for purpose BUT do not delay. If you go back to the garage from who you bought it just mention the unfit for purpose protection. You could try Emailing the CEO if it is a biggish company. ( sometimes works.Sorry about jumping about as I am putting it down as I think of it. You could contact Trading Standards, who should be interested if there is anything not right.
I can't think of anything else to try. I am no expert, I was a mechanic a long time ago and a MOT examiner and have built my knowledge over many years. Hope you get some satisfaction. One last thought. I do not subscribe to things such as Facebook BUT I understand it can be a very useful tool. If the garage that sold you the car wants to keep trading a bad mention on Facebook will go around quicker than anything. Good luck
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