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Electric cars & hybrids to get a noise

A new EU law that will also affect the UK, (even with a Brexit) will come into effect soon.

All electric cars and hybrids that go into electric motor mode will now have a 'simulated engine noise' if the car goes under 18 MPH or goes into reverse.

This is to prevent accidents and deaths to pedestrians that do not hear these cars coming.

There will be a disable button (just like start stop) in case the driver has to switch off the sound for some reason, like technical checking of engine or electric motor faults.

PS..I wish there was a set of buttons so you could change the simulated sound

For example....
engine sound
Ice cream van jingle
Voice shouting 'get out the way'
Formula 1 racer

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And what about a false exhaust pipe emitting clouds of smoke so you could see the car!
Back to the noise when car is in motion under 18MPH,why cant this apply to mobile phones, so easy with gps to block phone use when car is in motion

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Sorry to be flippant. There is one big problem with the EU directive about electric cars having to emit a sound. It's called DEAFNESS.
I am deaf, I do wear my Aids but there are those that do not through vanity.

Many years ago, I was the observer, I am glad to say. 999 call so it was a hurry up job through a busy Town centre. My colleague had the blue light and horns sounding. Just as we got to a light controlled crossing, a little old Lady stepped off the pavement. Well, we did miss her!!!! Did not help our blood pressure nor adrenaline levels. On arrival the 999 was a hoax. Begs the question what if???????
She was completely oblivious of anything, so what use these noises.
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