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The petrol particulate filter

A lot of us have moved back to petrol and away from diesel, due to the complexity of the DPF filter that burns off soot via a burn cycle, and also requires adblue to the exhaust to reduce emissions and meet EU6 regulations. Many drivers including myself got fed up with the complexity of diesel's, even though they give better MPG than petrol, they were having far more problems with its complexity.

But now unfortunately within the next few years, newer petrol cars will have to have a GPF filter (gasoline particulate filter) to meet newer emission regulations, so we are back to having a filter that has to burn off soot.

At the moment our petrol Ecosports (pre-facelift and facelift models) just have a catalytic converter with a couple of 02 Lamda sensors, and that it, quite simple and less prone to problems and faults. But that will change with newer petrol cars.

More details of the GPF...

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Looked it up on good old Google and according to What Car some Fords are being fitted with this filter. Looked at my VO5 and the particulates are 0.001g/km. So in theory I can drive 1000 kms and produce one gram of particulate.Going back to Colin JYD piece on Government and extracting money is this another way.
Young couple opposite have an Audi A3 diesel and a Ford van diesel and now we are into the start the car and leave it running for 20mins to warm it up.

Perhaps it might be a good idea if these people were sorted. From experience this practice is quite normal.
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