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Ford may bring back the Capri name

Many of us had the Ford Capri decades ago. My father had a MK1, I and my younger brother had the MK2, it was the affordable 'sports car' way back in the 70's and 80's, and was seen on all the popular TV shows, with detectives and secret agents zooming around in one, screeching into the corners, and dust flying everywhere. These cars did look good

This made the Capri very popular, as it seemed like a sports car but was not really one, it just looked like one, and was a lot cheaper than a real sports car.

Anyway it seems that Ford is considering a new sports car in the not so distant future, with the Capri name resurrected.

Read on...

Here is my old Capri, as shown below....
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I had the pleasure? of bringing in to the station a Ford Capri which had been very modified. The owner had been caught selling that stuff that is getting a real problem today. It had a bored out 3litre engine. Heaven knows what its BHP was BUT it was a handful. Even by today's standards of 0-60 it was no slouch.
The everyday fleet we had were Escorts, and then subsequently Sierras. I think Traffic tried a 3 ltr Capri but it was not successful as it's carrying capacity was not enough OR the amount of stuff all cars had to carry upset it's handling.
One thing I will mention is the Fords we had all appeared to be solidly built. Most of the everyday fleet were Chryslers then Mondeos and they were like tissue paper.The Sierra and Mondeos were run at the same time and the first crew out would grab the Sierra.

The Ecosport is pretty solid.
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The MK2 Capri had a lots of different engines, from the 1.3 right up to the 3.0

Because I was young at the time I had to watch my car insurance, so I went for the basic 1.3 engine, and even with that engine is was quick off the start. My brother bought the 1.6. But the suspension was never great and cars back end could swing out very easily (rear wheel drive). They were not sports cars built for speed.

The biggest problem with them all was the Pinto overhead cam engine, as the oil way to lubricate the cam(s) was just a copper pipe above dripping oil from a drilled hole above each cam, and that gummed up every year if you did not change the oil and filter, and then it needed a new camshaft(s). Ford made a fortune on quick turn around replacement camshafts, so never fixed the bad design of the oil ways. I got caught out and had to get a new camshaft.

At least the car was easy to repair other than the camshaft job, and I had to put a new propshaft from gearbox to rear axle and only cost me £30 and a days work to fit it. And in them days you could get the Haynes manual and see how all the mechanics and electric worked. Ford was easy DIY and reasonably cheap to fix.

Unfortunately that is not quite the case nowadays. So best to keep the new cars under warranty if you can.
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