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Hi Kamon1 and welcome to the forum :D

Did you go for a 1.0 petrol or the 1.5 ecoblue diesel? (most go for the petrol nowadays). Colour?

Three weeks to go, so you are waiting for the new 19 number plate then, (2019) ;)

You will really like the Ecosport, as its a compact SUV, but plenty of room in cabin and boot, and easy to drive.

As for sat nav updates details, you will have to wait till a new facelift Ecosport owner (2017 onward's) can reply. I have the previous 2016 model with no sat nav (I use my smart phone app).

Best optional extra for peace of mind, is a spare tyre, if you have not included for that already.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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