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Australian website CarAdvice posted a review of their time spent with the Ford Ecosport.

This excerpt is from their website:
The time away would see us mix in a few days in inner Perth, either side of the weekend's marital happenings planned to take place about 150km south in the quiet beachside town of Binningup.
Sitting marginally higher up in the Titanium's comfortable but fairly flat and lightly bolstered leather seats, vision is good, boosted by smart A- and C-pillar glass cut-outs.
Inside feels quite spacious too thanks to a long, curved dash and heaps of head and shoulder room up front. And while the dash, door trims, centre console tunnel and handbrake surround are all made of hard, scratchy plastic, this is offset by a gloss black finish around the gear shifter flanks and simply laid out climate controls. Roof-mounted grab handles, though, are an odd omission.
Nice silver accents on the gear lever top and multifunction leather-wrapped steering wheel are also joined by similar treatments on the air vent surrounds, doors and door handles.
The same gloss finish is again used for the six-speaker audio system's 32-button (and one central on/off/volume knob) Fiesta-sourced control panel. Looking complicated at first glance, any apprehension is fast quelled by a quick and simple Bluetooth connection process that makes accessing most features all too easy.
Teamed with a 3.5-inch central display screen, though, the circa-2008 unit does feel dated, particularly when compared with the likes of the touchscreen-based MyLink system in its slightly dearer local rival, the Holden Trax (Our Vauxhall Mokka).
Read the full review here:

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