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It seems many makes of new cars are suffering from early battery failure (usually two years of useful life instead of seven years), and many suffer from 'low battery' warning, a recent survey has said.

The two culprits are as follows, and I do not know if this will affect the new facelift Ecosport.

1....start stop on most new cars including the 2017 and onwards facelift Ecosport.
Start stop tech was introduced under green emission legislation and you do have the facility to dissable it every journey.

The problem with start stop tech it that the battery takes a battering with all that starting and stopping each journey, instead of just once per journey on a car without this feature. Also the engine will wear quicker with all that stop and start. This results in the battery not lasting that long, and it has been noted some makes of car need a new battery at year two.

I personally would never use start stop as I never like an engine to be off mid journey. And as for fuel saving, well that is questionable if you save very much at all.

2.....Many higher spec cars have a lot of electronics still running when engine is switched off and car parked, and is called 'parasitic drain'. Yeas ago all a car had running when parked was the dash clock :D

Nowadays, there are so many electric options that can run in the background when engine is off, and it has an effect on the battery draining, and could drain a car if not used in a few weeks, a week or even a few days. so many car owners have now got to charge the battery overnight or end up with a drained battery.

Other solutions is either buy an uprated battery, or buy a base model with lack of electronic extras.

Moral: A new car now will tend to use up the life of the battery quicker, if you do not consider the above.
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