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My car is Titanium without blind spot and cross traffic, i bought 2 used blind spot modules and mirrors after installing, they didn’t work and these errors appear:

SODR U3002:62-AB - Vehicle Identification Number
SODR B11D6:15-AB Driver display alert LED
SODL U3002:62-AB - Vehicle Identification Number
SODL B11D6:15-AB Driver display alert LED

i corrected VIN number in both modules and this error disappeared U3002:62-AB from both.

i added the as build data from another car to IPC, after enabling the blind spot & cross traffic on IPC, i've the following errors:

IPC U0533:56-08 Code: U0533 - Invalid Data Received From Side Obstacle Detection Control Module A
IPC U0534:56-08 Code: U0533 - Invalid Data Received From Side Obstacle Detection Control Module B

in PDM/DDM i changed the following and now when i start the car both mirrors Blindspot light open for 5 seconds and then turn off:

740-04-01 AA00 0019 0F to be AE00 0019 0F

741-04-01 A200 0019 08 to be A600 0019 08

still also having this error:

B11D6:15-AB Driver display alert LED

any solution?

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Hello and welcome, hopefully someone on here knows all this software stuff and responds. I am hopeless with this kind of car technology. I am more a cable, fuse and relay person when dealing with cars, ie, old school.

I do agree through that blind spot monitoring seems a good thing. Its bad enough with the massive A pillars we have on the Ecosport (pre-facelift and facelift models), requiring us to weave our heads around to see by them LOL.

All I have ever done on other cars is fit those sticky on small 2 inch (50mm) diameter blind spot mirrors to the door mirrors, that usually fall off after a year or two. As they are cheap I usually buy a few packs to replace them as they fall off, then glue them back on with epoxy glue :D
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