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My car (1.5 petrol 2016) was overheating in this extreme hot and unusual weather (for Scotland) and I realised my cooling fan on the radiator was not operating and engine temperature was climbing. I had to pull in and switch off for a while to let the engine cool. Got some bottles of water to top up just in case.

I took it into my dealership right away who sorted it at no cost, as I am still in warranty, saying that the sensor that picks up the high temperature was faulty and replaced it. It is working fine now as they tested it with car stationary with engine on for an hour, and the fan is now switching on and off.

I had never noticed this before, as in our Scottish weather the engine does not get that hot for the fan to kick in. So no idea when it failed. Might even have been from day one, just when it rolled out the factory LOL :D a new shaped Focus Titanium as loan car for the day, it was OK, but felt very low to the ground and not worth £20,000. Like my Ecosport far better.with its high driving seat position.
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