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The Ecosport was styled and engineered in South America, and has a bit of a gaucho vibe about its styling. The big assertive grille and high bonnet are truck truck truck, and the tailgate-mounted spare wheel is trad-4x4 too. Pity the wheels look a bit undernourished, and, like the B-Max, the Ecosport doesn't have the width to balance its deep sides so ends up looking a bit pinched.

Never mind the 4x4 looks, it's strictly front-drive. The mechanical bits are adapted from the Fiesta, and the one I drove had the lovely little three-cylinder Ecoboost. By the way, Ford people insist on pronouncing the engine 'eek o boost' but the car 'echo sport'.
So on slippery roads you can easily lose traction if you use full boost in a corner. But then it's not a car for hooning, is it? The soft suspension, good clearance and four-season tyres should get you up muddy and snowy tracks with some dignity.
Try to drive it like a Fiesta and the thing comes unstuck. It corners like a little truck, not like a tall supermini. It rolls a lot and the four-season tyres grip like they were four-season pizzas. But as it's a Ford, it has nice accurate steering and an expensive-feeling motion to its damping, so when you drive it more reasonably it's perfectly agreeable. The bodyshell and mechanicals feel solid and well-made.
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