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In addition to the storm concept posted earlier Ford also released two other concepts named 'Beauty & The Beast' -The other two concept cars were designed as a pair to examine the EcoSport's potential at both ends of the SUV ideological spectrum. The Beauty, which is painted in matte metallic copper paint, features 18-inch encased in 235/40 rubber, LED fog lights and a contrasting black roof.

On the inside, the concept features four individual seats covered in armchair-style leather and DVD entertainment screens mounted in the back of the front headrests.

For the accompanying The Beast concept, there's blue and orange highlights set off against pearlescent white paint job, higher profile 235/60 matched with 18-inch alloys, an air intake carved into the bonnet, an LED lighting rig mounted into the leading edge of the roof, and square LED fog lights.

Inside there's only seating for two, as the rear seats have been junked in favour of set of bike racks.
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