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What's the 2014 Ford Ecosport like to drive?

It's based on a Fiesta - the best driving small car on sale - so it would have been hard for Ford's engineers to go too far wrong. The good news is they haven't.
The Ecosport doesn't have the verve or agility of the lower-riding Fiesta, of course, but it has a better chassis than any of its rivals.
It steers more accurately than a Juke, 2008 or Captur, and feels far more supple in the way it deals with bumps and lumps in the road. Equally impressive is the feeling of stability and solidity it gives you at high speeds.
It's not perfect, mind you. There's a mite too much wind noise at motorway speeds, and in both the 1.0-litre three-cylinder and the diesel more engine noise comes into the cabin than in the Fiesta.
Of the two, it's the three-cylinder petrol that will be the best bet for most buyers. It feels even punchier than the diesel at lower pace and is far more refined all the way through the rev range. Running costs should be on a par, too, unless you are doing mega-miles.
What's the 2014 Ford Ecosport like inside?
Like its rivals, a lot of the instant appeal of the Ford Ecosport comes from its commanding driving position. You slide into the driver's seat, rather than having to stoop, and once you're settled there's a good view of the road ahead.

The dashboard has virtually the same control layout as the Ford Fiesta's and so has the same mixed blessings. Some of the major controls are easy to use on the move, but the radio has too many confusing buttons.
Sadly, despite efforts to improve quality, the cabin materials disappoint. There's a huge array of black shiny plastics covering virtually everything you see and touch, so the overall feeling is that you are in a considerably downmarket version of the Fiesta. The Ecosport doesn't match the craftsmanship of a Nissan Juke either, let alone a Peugeot 2008.
True, space is on a par with rivals, but this means fitting three adults across the back seat is going to be a squeeze.
It's also a tight fit climbing into the back, but there's decent head, shoulder and knee space for two and they enjoy the same vista as those up front.
Boot space is also competitive, although in everyday use we suspect the side-opening boot may be an issue, especially as it's configured for left-hand-drive cars and so opens towards the road side. Either way, it means opening it in tight spaces will be a nuisance and you can forget about backing into car parking bays if you want to still be able to fully open the boot door.
Should I buy one?
The Ecosport is a mixed bag. It's above its rivals to drive, especially the 1.0-litre Ecoboost. It's also well equipped and competitively priced.
However, despite these virtues you will have to live with a cabin that looks and feels cheap and the idiosyncracies of the rear-mounted spare wheel and the side opening boot. In that regard it's merely average rather than good.
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Not a bad review over all for me. It is slightly disappointing that they have used cheap plastics - I think I need to see it to judge for myself.
Spare wheel and side opening boot are what make it unique for me, so that's a plus point.
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