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Just fit an Ebay Parking sensor kit. I have fitted reversing sensors on other cars. Its quite easy DIY. (do it yourself). Not done front ones though.

Make sure you get the kit with the circular drill (see kit below, which has one), its the right size hole for fitting the bumper sensors. Also make sure you pick a kit that lets you tell seller which colour of sensors to match your bumper colour. (see kit below).

If it had been the reversing sensors, you would have taken power from the reversing light.
For front sensors you would have to power it via a dash on/off switch, ie, 12V only working with car running. The kits come with instructions.

Note you can get 2 sensor per bumper kits, or the more accurate 4 sensor per bumper kits, the latter is best, as there is more coverage. There is not much difference in price, so would go with 4 sensors per bumper.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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