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My wife wanted LED’s in her Ecosport all round, inside and out so I spent some time looking at what’s available and ordered a selection. Some didn’t work, didn’t fit or set errors away.

After sending a few back and ordering replacements, the car is finally all LED.

Below is a list of the lights used and working in the car and wow, what a difference they make!

Indicator bulbs from here

AMAZENAR 2-Pack 1056 BAU15S 7507 12496 Extremely Bright Amber/Yellow Non-Polarity Canbus Error Code Free LED Turn Signal Light Blink Bulb - No Need Load Resistors to Fix LED Bulb Fast Hyper Flash

Front fog lights here

H11/H8/H9/H16(JP) LED Fog Lights...

DRL’s here

MCK Auto - P13W CREE LED Canbus...


KATUR H4 9003 HB2 Led Headlight...

Reverse light here

1156 BA15S LED Bulb Extremely...

Back break light/back light

1156 BA15S LED Bulb Extremely...

Interior front

2 x LED 12v CAR BULB C5W COB...

Interior back and boot

FEZZ Led Interior Car Lights Bulbs 501 W5W Side Light Bulbs T10 Canbus Led bulb White 6000k, 10 Pack

Number plate lights

No errors at all so far and much better than standard bulbs.
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