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Hi I new to the ecosport, just bought one, and they really nice. Can anybody tell me about the lights please, is this right:
Unlock car, ignition on you get the drive lights, the little round ones on the front come on, and stay on. The main light switch right hand side of steering wheel, one click, it turns the front drive lights off, and puts on your rear lights, then second click, you get the dipped headlights at the front of car.
The little round lights, do they have to stay one all the time, say ie when it daylight.?
Also at night when you have dipped headlights on, presume you can't get the small driver lights on to? I used to have a Ford c max, and you could have your side lights without the dipped headlights. Is all this a new Ford thing now.
I also after getting a rim and get a tyre on it, to have a proper spare wheel. I have seen some Ecosport 2015 rims, been told they will fit, is there any difference ie width for that year of the rims. My tyre size is 205/50/R17 been told these rims will be okay. Is there anything to look out for?
Thank you.
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