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As Mitsubishi leaves the UK come Autumn it has decided to sell it fleet of 14 heritage cars as it quits the UK. Mitsubishi has struggled for some years in the UK with sales of 9076 cars – just over half a per cent market share in 2020.

Selling fleet of heritage cars.....
Mitsubishi sells its fleet of heritage cars as it quits the UK | Hagerty UK

On a personal note I bought a new red Mitsubishi Colt many years ago and it may have been reliable, but was the most boring car I ever bought, it looked boring, it drove boring, I was totally bored with it, never knew why I bought it in the first place. Kept it for three years and sold it on at a big loss due to heavy depreciation on Mitsubishi's. Tried to sell it privately but no joy, Normally in those days you would lose around 50% price in three to four years on a car, but I lost 65% in a trade-in, worst depreciation on any car I had. No wonder sales were poor.

I never kept a photo of the car, which is unusual for me, as it was so boring, and tried to forget about it, but it looked like this, the one on the right....Sometimes you make mistakes buying a car, and learn by it. This was one such case.

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