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My Dad loved Fords staring with a new Ford Anglia £460 in the 1960's (the one of Harry Potter fame) so i moved onto them as well. Fords were reasonably cheap and easy to repair DIY style.

Here is my Ford History....
I started with the Ford Cortina mk3 (bronze, the cokebottle American style).
Interesting facts, had terrible damp problems with starting, always cutout at junctions, the first start stop, he he, and that's why I hate start stop tech today. Was one of the first Uk Fords with forced ventilation (a one speed fan, wow) :D
My Dad loved this car and bought it off me.

My next Ford was a green Capri MK2 as it was a very popular car, as seen on TV shows, and was like having a sports car that was not really :D Again big trouble with damp ignition problems, and rusted terribly. Before selling I had to fix a circular Dulux tin lid behind the front wing and filler in a four inch diameter rust hole, and respray the wing. Fords were rust buckets back then. Doors siezed up in winter with ice and had to enter via the boot door.

I eventually ended up with the 'toy boy' racer car , the Escort XR3i turbo, (just had to be red) that went real fast, but has awful brakes, and had a real run in with Ford over theses very poor brakes, resulting in me selling it off after two years of a fast car that could not be driven fast.

So there you have it, I loved these Fords even with all their faults, but rust and lack of reliability in the 70's and 80's was the finale for me, and I moved onto Japanese Ioyota and Honda and European makes for decades, and forgot Fords, till I bought my Ecosport in 2016, and realised Ford had caught up with the times, and made their cars far better and more reliable, and less rusty ;)
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