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Hi all,
After looking at your site for a few weeks now, just got the courage to join up. I have a new Ecosport Titanium in Silk with sunroof, 18inch alloys, heated seats, front sensors and a cd for the wife. Had it built and had to wait just under 3 months, for it to arrive.

Yes, it was worth the wait, the finishing work on the car is excellent, the ride is very smooth and the headroom height is perfect for the wife. (her head touched the roof in our previous car a focus) The 1.0ltr engine is giving about 46 to 47 miles to the gallon on a run and 30 to 31 around town, better than the focus, which had the same engine. I had the dealer fit mudflaps and the boot liner, as the wife would not let me do it myself.!!
I did fit a dash cam to the car and ran the wires around the door seals to the rear power point. this is live all the time I believed, but if you leave it plugged in and lock the doors it does turn itself off after a short while, if the cars unlocked in the garage it does stay on all the time. I'm trying to remember to unplug it when the cars not being used!!!
Only one small problem, got a little squeek from the rear of the car, does not bother me as I'm deaf but annoys the wife, anybody else got this, and knows what it is.
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