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Here is another con introduced with PCP finance on your car, that you may not know about.
This is one of the reasons I just buy my car.

The guarantied minimum future value at the end of your PCP contract depends on the following....

the GFV is dependent on three requirements that you must meet:

You must not exceed your agreed mileage over the duration of the term
The car must not require any repairs beyond normal wear and tear
You must have the car serviced by the official dealer network

Note the last clause, and that means that you must use overpriced servicing at dealership compared to independant garages, or it will affect your future value, assuming that you are going to hand the car back. If you are going to make a final payment to buy the car then the above does not matter so much.

Owners like myself who buy a car, can and do use independant garages for servicing, which could be a saving of a hundred pounds or more/service

One other recent nasty con is electronic service books that main dealerships are now introducing, which means no paperwork at your end, unless you ask for a printout. You no longer get a service stamp in a book.

Most independant garages cannot get access to a dealership to update the service electronically, so just give you a paper invoice, and that is part of your service history so just keep that with your log book. I do that.

Its becoming a crazy big conning world out there, and the car industry is just full of it .

Do I have to service my car with the dealer if I have a PCP?
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