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Scotland's first minister {the wee SNP woman} is determined to introduce car parking tax in Scotland if you have a company parking space at your work, and it could be £428 or more a year per car park space to begin with, just as Nottingham Council did in England.

Companies with 11 or more parking spaces are expected to be forced to pay the levy, with the option to pass the charge on to their staff. (You know who is going to end up paying!).

I am glad I am retired and well away from the cities now, as many city councils are very anti-car. I was working in Glasgow offices for decades and parked my car there, but it was getting harder each year to find free parking, till eventually my company moved out to a remote Industrial estate 10 miles away from the city, just to avoid the cities crippling high council tax fees, and make it easier for staff to commute and park right next to the door of the company. Hence it emptied a lot of businesses from the city centre.

In Scotland both Glasgow and Edinburgh Council who have always been anti-car councils, definitely want this parking taxation.

In England Nottingham has this tax, and motoring groups have warned Scots face the charges of up to £1,000 after two English councils - Cambridge and Hounslow are considered similar exorbitant fees.

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