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Based on the Ford Fiesta, the EcoSport crossover hasn't enjoyed very favorable reviews so far, which is why I was curious to see what Carbuyer had to say about it when they finally did a video review.
Mat Watson drove the EcoSport fitted with the 1.0-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine and had nice things to say about its response, but not about its fuel consumption, which was deemed higher than that of its rivals. He also asks why Ford put the word “Sport” in the car's name, as he describes the EcoSport as the least sporty Ford vehicle he has driven in ages.
The steering is deemed inaccurate at speed and there's a strong tendency for understeer. So how about the ride? Not good either – it's described as too firm over bumps, with strange noises coming from the suspension when passing over irregularities.
And then we get to the quality, with the word “cheap” best describing the materials used inside the cabin. Yes, it's that kind of review, so scroll down to find out what else is wrong with the EcoSport from Carbuyer's video review.
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