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It seems there has been problems on modern cars with flush door handles that 'pop out' so you can open the door. The JLR range for instance has these, like the Range Rover Evoque.

Usually its ice jambing the flush handles shut, but this is more serious....

The danger seems to be in carwashes, where a few drivers have had the pop out handles out and the carwash brushes had caught on the handle and partially opened the door, and at least one owner had his door damaged in the process and he got hurt trying to close the door. The question is why the pop out door handles were out, and that's an ongoing question. One guy said 1 minute into the cleaning phase of the car wash, both rear doors opened ( he believes due to a fault with the door handles). Others are not sure why door handles are out, mistake by owners or a fault? Seems JLR covered their backs legally a while ago, by stating not to put their cars through car washes, period.

Damage to door....

Another owners Video showing door opening by itself in car wash
(note some strong language used, as expected)
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