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I have owned my Ecosport for a year now and its seems very reliable (touchwood). With the only fault I have had so far being self inflicted, with the rear wash nozzle not working due to freezing up in Winter and disconnecting the plastic tube, as a plastic interconnector popped out. This was all due to me forgetting to put in low temperature screenwash, or any screen wash at all, silly me, DOH! :D

Was glad Ford actually sorted it for me, and diplomatically told me to add low temp screenwash from now on, either -5C, -10C, -20C, rather than say I was stupid.

Anyway, to come to the point I have not seen many faults on these car on internet forums like this one, and especially any dreaded inherent fault that comes with many a car, which is discovered over the years. Just hope there is none.

One of the reasons I bought the 1.5 petrol model, as I was used to this engine on our company car, so just bought the same engine. The new 1.0 petrol engine was far too new for me, plus it was dearer, for me to consider it, so time will tell if the 1.0 is reliable. Checking out fuel figures on here there is only a slight difference in fuel consumption, with the 1.0 obviously being better than the 1.5.

As for the diesel engine Ecosport, well I have had bad experiences with the EU5 particulate filter burn cycle on previous car (not Ford), very unreliable as it gets older, so would not touch them now. and diesel cars with EU6 adblue was the finally straw for me. Will not touch a diesel now, even if the MPG is far better than petrol.

So has anyone had a significant fault with their Ecosport?
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