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Never be without a spare
I would never be without a spare tyre, that's why I went for the spare on the back with wheel cover, when I ordered my Ecosport (it was about the only option I did add, other than the roof rails on my base trim model, which had none as standard, crazy!).

The sneaky trick at end of car buying
I did actually get the spare for free, as I negotiated it at the end of working out final costs with the salesman, with the words, "if I do not get the spare for free, I walk out the door now", so he jumbled the figures to include it.
This always works nowadays, as losing a car deal for a spare wheel is not good business sense :D

I got the full sized spare, but would also accept a spacesaver, as long as I have a spare.

The rant that would bore you
I could rant about how the car companies sneaky removed spare wheels as standard from cars, saying that it was weight saving, load of tosh, it is an essential piece of kit as far as I am concerned, but I wont bore you all with a rant, he he.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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