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Had a test drive of a new facelift 2019 Ecosport at my local dealer and asked the salesman about Sync 3 display regarding sat nav, and he said it has no fixed speed camera warning.

Reason: he says sat nav speed warnings in France are illegal now, and you get a fine, so Ford Europe do not program them in to new Ford cars with Sync 3. I assume that's all Ford models now.

I have always found speed camera warnings on other car makes always come up very late or far too close to the camera, so you end up braking hard. And they do not show up mobile speed cameras or show the start of movable average speed cameras in road works. My wifes Fortwo's sat nav even picks up speed cameras underneath the car, on the road below, when going over a flyover :D

PS...Liked the test drive of the new Ecosport, but did not order a new Ecosport as asking far too much. Getting quotes from carwow and on a nationwide hunt, watching for a good low mileage pre-reg or demonstrator. I always like to buy as cheap as possible and get a good deal ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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