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Well I have the base Zetec model which comes with manual A/C, all the higher models comes with climate control, dependent on internal cabin temperature sensor, that sets the cabin temperature to a set value, say you set at 20 degrees, it will apply hot and cold respectively and hunt to get the right cabin temperature odf 20 degrees.

Now, I for one am glad to have manual A/C, as my previous car a Nissan Qashquai had climate control and it was forever blowing in cold air to compensate for cabin temp, so it was forever hunting.

As for your A/C if it has trouble booting up, it will have criteria it has to meet before it will work, for example, if coolant pressure is low it, will stay off, but if it is within the low limit before needing a recharge of coolant gas, it can go off, and another day go on.

I would check with the dealer, as your car is new and should not be leaking coolant gas, they should check it over to see it it meets all the conditions to start, and then trouble shoot for the fault.

My wifes Smart Fortwo has A/C and the light comes on if pressed, but it does not work as the cooolant gas has leaked out over the year, and we have not bothered to get it recharged. We only get two hot days in Scotland anyway :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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